Crews & Equipment

A company is just as good as their staff is and we think the people who work for us are some of the best you will find in the broadcast-business! With their experience of broadcast-installations all over the world in numerous Olympic- and Paralympic Summer- and Wintergames, Football World Cups, European Football Championships and Asian Games, there is nothing which could surprise our guys anymore.

Especially during the hectic and stressful daily routine at Major-Events, our guys keep calm and do not lose control and overview. Our staff installs broadcast-equipment, realizes broadcast-cabling projects, terminates all coppercables, splices & tests all kinds of fibre-cables and is able to terminate SMPTE cables on site. You need Top-Personnel, which delivers Top-Performance under toughest working-conditions? We have these guys.

The best guys need the best equipment – otherwise the job would be harder than it already is and the output of the work would not be satisfying anymore. Apart from our equipment which is needed for a professional installation of copper-cables, we also provide fibre-installation-equipment. We offer the whole range – starting with complete splice-sets, OTDR‘s, via connector-microscopes up to SMPTE test tools.


Grosses Moor 14b 21382 Brietlingen (Germany)
+49 4133 22 47 69 +49 179 22 480 20

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