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The brandnew Rack-Towers have arrived!

The brandnew and exclusively for MAHLZEIT! GmbH produced Rack-Towers have arrived and are already on their way to Stockholm!


UEFA Finals 2017

Our warehouse is getting busy! (more…)

Sponsorship of SVG Lueneburg – 1st League Volleyball / Germany

Motivation, Ambition, Fairplay & Professionalism – these 4 words are not just our principles – they also stand for the 1st league volleyball players and the whole team of SVG Lueneburg. (more…)

Olympics & Paralympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro

The Olympics kept us very busy from February to September 2016. (more…)

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Broadcast-Installation required?

We can help:


Temporary Broadcast-Installations

You need a temporary broadcast-installation? We help you to plan, to design, to install and to deinstall everything which is required for your project.


Permanent Broadcast-Installations / Systems-Integration

Our integration services provide you with the flexibility and reassurance that all aspects of your project are being taken care of – under one roof.


Equipment, Cables & Connectors

To install equipment & cables is one thing – but to provide the required materials in time is another task.


Crews & Equipment

A company is just as good as their staff is and we think the people who work for us are some of the best you will find in the broadcast-business!



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