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The brandnew Rack-Towers have arrived!

The brandnew and exclusively for MAHLZEIT! GmbH produced Rack-Towers have arrived and are already on their way to Stockholm!


UEFA Finals 2017

Our warehouse is getting busy! (more…)

Sponsorship of SVG Lueneburg – 1st League Volleyball / Germany

Motivation, Ambition, Fairplay & Professionalism – these 4 words are not just our principles – they also stand for the 1st league volleyball players and the whole team of SVG Lueneburg. (more…)

Olympics & Paralympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro

The Olympics kept us very busy from February to September 2016. (more…)

EURO 2016 in France

For us, EURO 2016 did start already in 2014, because we were working as a consultant for UEFA. (more…)

Renovation of our warehouse

To eliminate the space problems in our 500 sqm warehouse, we decided to install high-level-racks which will increase our storage capacity. (more…)

UEFA Finals 2016 in Trondheim, Milan & Basle

As UEFA is permanently interested in improving the services for their unilateral broadcast partners, (more…)


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