EURO 2016 in France

For us, EURO 2016 did start already in 2014, because we were working as a consultant for UEFA. Together with the UEFA Engineering-Department, we were planning and designing the cable-routes in all venues for EURO 2016. Then in 2016 at EURO in France, we were in charge for the complete Broadcast-Cabling of all venues. For the installation in all 10 venues, we supplied 6 Teams. Each team included 1 headrigger and 7 riggers. For the Broadcast- and Power-Cabling of the International Broadcast Centre in Paris, we provided one team with 13 riggers. In addition to that we also supplied fibre-specialists, who spliced, tested and patched all fibre-cables in the IBC. During the tournament, the headriggers remained at their venues and were in charge for the coordination of the rig and derig of the unilateral broadcast partners before and after each match. Between the matches the headriggers tested and cleaned cables & equipment and – if necessary – repaired damaged connectors or cables. This has been our 4th EURO and we would like to thank all out clients for the confidence! We are looking forward to number 5!

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