The brandnew Rack-Towers have arrived!

The brandnew and exclusively for MAHLZEIT! GmbH produced Rack-Towers have arrived and are already on their way to Stockholm!

We wanted to design server-cabinets which are easy to ship, which are resistant against dust, dirt, water and which protect the patch-panels inside. So we have designed, together with our flight-case-builder, a server-cabinet, which is directly integrated in a flight case – the Rack-Tower. Now we are able to equip the cabinets with the correct patch-panels already in our warehouse in Germany and we do not lose any time on site at the production, anymore. After we had equipped the Rack-Towers with the patch-panels, we already had to send them to Stockholm. There they will be used for the UEFA Europa-League-Final. The Rack-Towers will be also used for the UEFA Champions-League-Finals in Cardiff and for the UEFA Super Cup in Skopje.

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